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outh Flintshire Active Communities
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Our aim is to promote better understanding of all the facets of the community, and all its people regardless of race, faith & age.

By involving the Youth of Flintshire in every-day life, showing them that the community is theirs too, that they can help shape it, make it a better and safer place in which they want to be, we hope to reach this goal.

Working together brings people closer and help them understand each other. This applies to all generations, create respect between them, and make a better place to live in for all.

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ICEThe Ice Campaign.
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Youth Project Annual ReportReport of activities
for 2008 - 2009 Annual General Meeting.

Halloween & Bonfire Night - Be Safe, Be Aware

Are you looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire Night? Looking to have a good time? Why not visit this page and find out how you can ensure it's all fun, and that this time of year only holds good memories for months to come. Get some tips on what you can do to help make this year a good one - for everyone.

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-Kops Launched

Y-kops UnitThe launch of the -kops - outh Keeping Older People Safe, took place at John Summers High School in Queensferry, Deeside.This initiative is a NEW exciting intergenerational project from the -factor, involving young people first hand in the effects of crime and in understanding the fear of crime, especially within our older communities.

High Sheriff of Clwyd BadgeLady Janet Jones, High Sheriff of Clwyd, was present to help raise awareness of the project.
And to show us your support, why not put your signature on your own Autographitti Goodwill Message Request form? It's available here as a Word document, or here in PDF format.

Print it, Autographitti it, and send it back to us at our usual address.

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The Children & Young People's Plan 2011-2014

The Flintshire Children and Young People’s Partnership is working to improve outcomes for children, young people and families in Flintshire.
Within this framework, it has reached Phase 3 of its plan and is launching a consultation so that everyone can have their say on the matter.

To that purpose, we have made available details of the Partnership's work so far, so that those who want to give their views can get a good appreciation of the aims of the Partnership, and help shape its future.

To find out more, have a look at this Plan Consultation flyer for an overall idea, while the "An Outcomes Focus" document, both in English and Welsh, explains in more details the existence of the Partnership, lays out its "Core Aims and Broad AIms", and much more.

In addition, the Partnership wants to ensure that all sections of the community have an opportunity to have their say, and would be grateful if you could help to do this by completing this monitoring form. Please tick the relevant boxes.

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New Colours For the -Factor

Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association has renewed some of the visual aspects of the exterior of the -Factor vehicle to include the new
-Factor logo, unique to FNWA.

Calais Smith, Youth Project Administrator and coordinator of the design challenge for the unit said about the new logo:

I believe that the new branding of the -Factor logo will attract more youths, and being teamed with the -Factor Mobile Unit, help deter a greater number of youths away from crime and towards better activities such as the ‘Get Hooked on Fishing’ project. It will be recognised and remembered and therefore approached. It has been a pleasure working and co-ordinating part of this project and I wish it all the best in the future.

Y-Factor New Logo This project has shown such potential and is a fantastic opportunity to engage the youth of Flintshire to educate them and deter them from crime. I feel the -Factor Mobile Unit is a useful tool in reaching and supporting young people and with its new branding logo will be even more successful in doing so in the future.

Carl Sargeant, councillor for the Golftyn Ward in Connah's Quay

Inspector Martin Best, of North-Wales Police, declared:

The -Factor is an excellent initiative to engage with the youth of Flintshire and is a valuable asset in preventing young people becoming involved in crime.

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Get Hooked On Fishing
GHOF logo

Do you like a bit - or a lot - of fishing? It's fun, it's time spent with your friends, so it must be time well spent!

Get Hooked On Fishing is now in Wales.

So whether you are "hooked on fishing" already or want to know more, have a look here.

There's information on the project, a survey that you can fill online (and see the results), photos, links to other websites that all have to do with fishing.

So "Get Hooked on Fishing" or "get hooking"!

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Miff Officially Opened
Green Star

Have a look at our Mynydd Isa Field for Y-Factor Logoouth (MiffY-factor) article covering the official opening of the Bonc Area park that took place on the 15th of July 2010.

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The Eco Y-Factor
Green Star

We are all affected by our environment, and the -factor is doing its part in making it better for all of us. This is why we have set up the Eco Y-Factor.

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Help and Support
No Matter What

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Arson Report

Project Report
2009 - 2010
by Calais Smith
for the Arson Small
Grants Program