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32 Types of Watch Schemes

The OWL Crime and Communication system currently supports over 55 different schemes in Wales & England. Whether they are called watches, groups, lists, or associations, it doesn’t matter to OWL; they each have a different purpose and interest. OWL schemes have been expanded considerably over the years, as police forces and communities are inspired to develop new ones.

32 different types of watch schemes are currently supported in Flintshire and Wrexham. The complete list is available below.

Operating in FLINTSHIRE/WREXHAM  denoted by a √

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The FIRST in all of Wales

Flintshire Neighbourhood
Watch Association.

1. Neighbourhood

(Home) Watch

2. Pub Watch

3. Forecourt Watch

4. Boat Watch

5. Business Watch

6. Canal Watch

7. Care Watch

8. City Watch

9. Club Watch

10. College Watch

11. Community Watch

12. Dog Watch

13. Factory Watch

14. Horse Watch

15. Motor Traders Watch

16. Off License Watch

17. Park Watch

18. Post Office Watch

19. Rural Watch

20. School Watch

21. Shop Watch

22. Hospital Watch

23. Drivers (25+) Watch

24. Marine Watch

25. Farm Watch

26. Pharmacy Watch

27. Fire Watch

28. Church Watch

29. Wildlife Watch

30. Off Watch (Licensing)

31. No Cold Calling Area / Zone

32. Safer Business Forum

33. Caravan Watch

34. Rave Watch

35. Surgery Watch

36. Golf Watch

37. Police Surgery /

Crime Prevention Panel

38. House Watch

39. Parish Councils Watch

40. District Councils Watch

41. Community Tension

42. Student Watch

43. Community Messaging

44. Allotment Watch

45. Poachers Watch

46. Youth / Junior Watch

47. Controlled Drugs Group

48. Taxi Watch

49. Cycle Watch (Bicycle)

50. Bank Watch

51. Forest Watch

52. Mobility Watch

53. Metal / Scrap Watch

54. Police Cadets

55. Library Watch

56. Residents

(Associations) Watch

57. Motorbike Watch

Card WatchKeep Your
Cards Safe

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The current level of membership is about 25% of the population in Wales & England.
OWL Watch schemes are available in both Welsh and English:

Welsh Language available here.

English Language available here.

For more general information on Watch schemes, visit this page.