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Maes Glanrafon Residents Host Safety Awareness Day

On 28th September 2011, the residents of Maes Glanrafon, Mold took the initiative to improve their home safety awareness by holding a special Safety Awareness Day.

The event was organised by Clwyd Alyn Housing Association in partnership with the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and Flintshire Neighbourhood Wardens.

During the day, North Wales Fire and Rescue were on hand to offer advice about alarm procedures and also carried out free home safety fire checks.

Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association were available to give crime prevention advice and discuss community safety concerns. They also offered the opportunity to sign up to their ‘OWL’ (online watch link) messaging service and the vehicle crime security initiative Vehicle Watch 25+, launched earlier this year for residents aged over 25.

Clwyd Alyn Housing Officer Sue Barrett Hill, who helped organise the event, said: "The event was a great success, and we really appreciate the support of all those who helped out on the day".

For further details, please contact:

Judith Gavin,
Pennaf Housing Group,
72 Ffordd William Morgan,
St Asaph Business Park, Denbighshire, LL17 0JD
Tel: 01745 536914 - email: [email protected]

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Doorstep Crime - New Campaign Targets Energy Scam

Remember the old saying? If it sounds too good to be true.... it generally is!

So watch out for people knocking at your door offering cheap
pre-payment energy top-ups. And that includes all kind of energy, gas as well as electricity.

They might well look legitimate and friendly, these gentlemen and women with their "official-looking" clothes and seemingly "authentic" (but cloned!) keys, but these people are criminals.

More "elastic trickery" than electricity, if you ask me.

So give them the boot!

For more complete information, visit the campaign's website.

Doorstep Crime Major Campaign Under Way

A new website has been created as part of a campaign to highlight the problem of cold calling and rogue traders. You will find information about the different tricks that cold callers use, how to deal with rogue traders and distraction callers, read about real-life stories and see how it can affect lives, and find out what you can do as a community to deal with this problem.

Visit the All Wales Doorstep Crime Group website.

Here you can find additional information from the Wesh Assembly that should interest you.

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No Cold Calling Areas
Welsh Assembly Government

The Welsh Assembly Government has provided funding for the provision of
eight new schemes in Flintshire.

Find out more about No Cold Calling Areas and this funding in our newsletter.

The Idea Behind No Cold Calling Areas

Many traders calling at your door will be genuine. However, some people calling door-to-door are bogus workmen, high pressure salespeople, bogus officials or distraction burglars.
It is now well established that distraction burglaries and rogue doorstep trading are interlinked - all too often, the seemingly innocent doorstep seller is actually checking things out for a re-visit to carry out a burglary or distraction burglary.

The concept behind No Cold Calling Areas is to clearly identify areas within the County where residents have expressed the view that they would prefer not to receive uninvited visits from traders selling goods or services.

How is it implemented?

Agencies involved with the Flintshire Community Safety Partnership have been working together over the last few years in an effort to reduce doorstep crime.
As part of this initiative the Partnership fully supports residents' rights to request no cold callers.

No Cold Calling Areas is about local residents or communities having the confidence to say "NO" to uninvited salespeople or to warn rogue traders and cold-callers that they are being watched.

There are two main types of zones:

1. No Cold Calling / No Uninvited Sellers
2. A zone where cold calling is permitted but is monitored by the residents.

In both cases the zone area is clearly defined by notices on lamp posts, walls, etc. These signs ask that companies or individuals do not call at the door of residents in the zone without prior appointment to do so.

‘No Cold Calling Areas’ are similar in concept to a Neighbourhood Watch area and indeed, the two can work alongside each other and perhaps with a shared coordinator role.

In practice

Whilst No Cold Calling Areas have no force in law, it is hoped that such schemes will give householders the confidence to say “NO” and direct cold callers out of the area.

If residents do receive calls from uninvited trades or sales people they will be able to contact North Wales Police or Flintshire Trading Standards where appropriate via the organiser.

Trading Standards will write to callers requesting that they do not operate within the zone. The Flintshire Community Safety Partnership is keen to support local schemes but success will depend upon enthusiastic Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, Community Support Officers, Community Wardens, or indeed anybody willing to give a little of their time to help their local community.

However, No Cold Calling Zones should generally only be considered when supported by a real local need to stop all sellers/callers. The Trading Standards Institute has produced an information pack to help local communities and local authorities set up their own No Cold Calling Areas.

What you can do

If you think your area may benefit from a No Cold Calling scheme and would like further information please contact Helen Griffiths, Safety & Assurance worker at Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association at the following address:

[email protected].

Packs are available that contain all the relevant information to set up a No Cold Calling Area, stickers to put on doors and windows, details on the rights of members of such Areas, and contact numbers to all the agencies that are part of the Flintshire Community Safety Partnership.

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The Goodneighbour Catalogue

The Goodneighbour Catalogue
Crime Prevention Products
for a Modern Society.

Click to view our catalogue

In partnership with our sponsors, we are offering you access to a range of security items available through Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association.

We have various crime safety products available which will enable you to guard against theft, to you, your property or vehicle.


All proceeds from resale items are used to support the delivery of community safety campaigns in Flintshire.

You can browse our catalogue by clicking on the image above and see if any of these items can help. When you have found something of interest, you can contact us in the usual ways.

We also attend various safety and security events around the county and carry with us a selection of resale equipment. One such event was the Airbus Anniversary show. As well as offering crime prevention advice, we had target hardening products available for people to buy.

One of the best selling items at this and other events was the new Alarmed Padlock, an absolute must if you have central heating oil tanks. These sell at £12.50, a lot cheaper than a tank of oil.

Another best seller is the Driveway Alarm, which has a receiver in the home and warns of anybody approaching your home, garage or car. These sell at £32.00 but again, if it prevents any theft, it is money well spent!

We have various security items for sale, at a lower price than other outlets, and they can be found in the catalogue above, or by calling us on 01352 708118.

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The ICE Campaign

This year sees the re-launch of the ICE Campaign, a scheme that was first promoted in 2005.

ICE stands for "In Case of Emergency". The idea behind this acronym is that everyone with a mobile phone could have a person in their list of contacts listed under "ICE".

That person could be a next of kin or friend. They would be the first to be alerted in case the person carrying the mobile phone was involved in an incident that would render them unable to talk, such as a car accident leaving them unconscious, or a stroke that would impair their speech.

Even if you carry ID , such as a driver’s license, it doesn’t contain your emergency list of contacts, medical history, doctor, etc, which your ICE contact persons should have on hand. This information could be invaluable to emergency personnel in providing care.

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Information & Guidance
Doorstep Crime Website Logo

Doorstep Crime Website Launched

A new website has been launched to help combat this type of crime, which mainly targets older and vulnerable people, but of which any one of us can be the victim.

A quick preview is available here.

This site is a resource designed for members of the public as well as partner agencies involved in community safety. It is packed with useful information to help in the fight against doorstep crime which includes distraction burglary, bogus officials and rogue trader crimes.
It is easy to use and features videos, an interactive quiz and downloadable resources.

It's easy to register a password so that you can access the "partners" section of the site, which contains loads of useful information, links and training resources. Visit the website here.

The website is concentrating on the Greater Manchester area, but gives information that is relevant to anywhere in the UK.

Keep Well This Winter - As winter has taken over much of the UK, we are making available several leaflets that include advice and information for Flintshire residents on how to keep safe.

This leaflet offers a list of local support services in Flintshire and contact details to help keep warm and well throughout the year. Read about it here.

It is important to think about keeping yourself, family and friends warm, well and safe.  Read these tips on how to keep well this winter.

Everybody Needs Somebody - Please spare a moment for those among your neighbours that are perhaps more vulnerable. Find out here how a little gesture can go a long way.

Crime Doesn't Stop for Christmas - During this festive period, while everyone is out and about shopping, getting all the presents to put under the Christmas tree, remember to stay safe and protect yourself against thieves. Find out more in our Safe Shopping leaflet.

Drive Safely in the Cold Weather - Get advice on how to deal with the cold weather with information on driving in snow and icy weather here.
North Wales Police have also issued advice about the cold weather, available here. This information has also been made available as an OWL alert.

Party Time!

Out and About this Christmas? - Read on for some tips you can follow for a safe night out:

All you want is to have a good time. With this guide on Safe Drinking Over Christmas, you can help ensure that everything goes smoothly and that you remember that night for all the good reasons.

Now the party is over. Want to get home, but had too much to drink, and no designated driver to take you back? Plan in advance for your journey back with these safety tips.

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