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Find out more about OWL in the report that was presented at the AGM at the beginning of 2012.

OWL - What It Is

What is OWL?

OWL is simply a means of passing information to you more easily and more quickly than ever before. OWL is the interactive Online Watch Link and has been developed across various parts of Wales and England over the past few years.
It operates by helping communities prevent and detect crime, support one another and be more aware of what is going on in their communities.

North-Wales Police Chief Constable Mark Polin has chosen OWL as the force’s method to contact the residents of North-Wales.

Using modern technology and communication this makes life easier and simpler for all involved; as it is interactive it will allow you to send any messages back just as easily.

Messages, including crime alerts and timely crime prevention advice, are sent out by the OWL Administrator to OWL users, Neighbourhood Watch members, in an instant, sometimes within half an hour of a crime occurring. The system allows messages to be received by telephone, fax, email, mobile phone, flyers or letter so people who do not have access to the internet do not miss out on OWL. It is a highly effective and efficient way to get important information out.

The scheme is FREE to join and there are no costs to you the resident for joining OWL. Your details will be held on a secure database within a police station with Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association, used only in connection with OWL, and will not be passed to any other party.

OWL is going strong. This new system is revolutionising the effectiveness of Neighbourhood Watch in Flintshire, developing a modern communication tool for the 21st Century.

This system allows crime alerts to be shared across the Divisional and Force borders. People are encouraged to record observations online, no matter how trivial it may seem at times, as OWL provides searchable intelligence to the police.

People are able to update their own contact details from the comfort of their home computer and choose how they want to be contacted to receive messages, and even when they want to receive their messages.

Watch Coordinators are able to communicate directly with their members. A coordinator living in Deeside says: “This is great news, I have been on the site already, it is really user friendly. This should help increase our contact with the police and neighbourhood watch. I am looking forward to utilising it to its fullest.”

Those without internet access are not excluded from the benefits of OWL, as messages can be sent by phone, fax, text & post to coordinators, provided their contact details are registered on OWL.

Police & Neighbourhood Watch are now able to send crime alerts and messages to specific members of the public. Individual recipients can be targeted, or larger groups such as streets, wards districts or watch schemes. In the event of a national or local emergency (flooding, etc), urgent messages can be sent out at once via OWL to the public.

Gary Fenton, Managing Director of Direct Path Solutions Ltd, the company behind OWL:
"We are delighted that one of the most active Neighbourhood Watch Associations in the UK chose to pilot OWL in North Wales. OWL has been a great success down in Hertfordshire allowing 1000’s of watch schemes to be managed online jointly by the police, NHW associations and coordinators. OWL has dramatically improved communications delivering timely and localised messages by email, phone, fax and, in urgent situations, by text message. We’re confident that OWL can become an equally indispensable tool in Flintshire to support and proliferate the good work that Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association have been doing."

Police Sergeant Siobhan Edwards, Community Safety Sergeant for North Wales Police says:
"The introduction of OWL will assist the local Neighbourhood Police Teams to collate information and intelligence from members of the public, who may not want to come forward with vital information that Police Officers can act upon". This helps to break down barriers between Police and the communities, especially when they see Police acting on the information that they have provided.  OWL will be integral to both Police and the Communities that we serve in collating community information."

Inspector Darren Wareing, District Inspector for Deeside, commented:
"We have a very solid structure to build upon in Deeside. The Neighbourhood watch groups are very strong and have achieved some fantastic results. This communication tool can only further enhance our capabilities in respect of supporting each other and assisting in making our community safer. I will ensure that we exploit the Owl system to its fullest potential."

Inspector Alun Oldfield South Flintshire District Inspector states: "I am very excited at the opportunity of being able to forward valuable information to key partners and coordinators within our community to reduce the fear of crime within our neighbourhoods. I can see massive benefits in the OWL arrangement and we are keen to work with Neighbourhood Watch to reduce crime within the South Flintshire Police District."

Inspector Paul Firth says:  " I have been involved with Neighbourhood Watch since 1985 and in my opinion, from then until now, the ethos behind what it stands for hasn't changed, people helping each other. The new facility provided via OWL enables neighbours and others to better look out for one another by making the process quicker, more direct and able to ensure that the information gets to the right people. I agree with everyone else involved, this is the direction that Neighbourhood Watch needs to go in. It should also address one of my main objectives for all watch schemes, that of attracting more younger people to it as IT solutions are second nature to most of them."

There have been many crime alerts going out since the launch in August 2009. They include theft from older vehicles in the Flintshire Area, Door to door selling, Cold Callers, Telephone scams, sneak burglary, postal scams etc.

Our Coordinators have said
that they have found
OWL alerts very useful

This is the next step forward in Neighbourhood Watch. This is an effective way for people to communicate, which is essential when it comes to successful Community Safety. This is a massive step forward, taking us into a more modern Neighbourhood Watch, which will make a valuable difference to us and our members.

There are many different watch schemes at present, the number of which is growing all the time and includes the original Neighbourhood Watch as well as Farm Watch, Business Watch, Golf Watch, Horse Watch, and more.
Find out more when you fill in the online form; the list is often updated as new watches are being launched.

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Time to Fill in the Form

Enough reading? Ready for the next step? Then click here to go to the OWL website and just follow the instructions. This is only an enquiry at this stage. It's that simple.

If you want to receive OWL alerts only through the Community Messages service, just let us know in the Comments box.

We hope to welcome you under the wings of OWL and into the networks of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association very soon!

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Changing Lives - Making Neighbourhoods Safer

If you would like to start a Neighbourhood Watch in your area and be part of this exciting new initiative contact our office through the 101 non-emergency number and ask for extension 08118, or call us direct on 01352 708118.