FNWA Contact
At a Glance

Our Address:

Mold Police Station
King Street,
Mold, Flintshire

Direct Line:

01352 708118

Or through the 101 non emergency number and ask for extension 08118

Fax number:

01352 754055

Changing Lives

Neighbourhood watch is for everyone – It’s about bringing people closer together & involving them in local life. A stronger community spirit can grow as people get to know each other & look out for one another.

There is more to Neighbourhood Watch than protecting homes & property against burglary. By working together, neighbours can help reduce all sorts of local crimes. They can also take action to improve their environment by getting something done about things like vandalism, graffiti, poor lighting and a lack of local amenities. As well as making the neighbourhood a better place to live & work in, tackling local problems & concerns will help reassure residents & make them less fearful of crime.

Speak to us direct on 01352 708118
or send us a mail:
[email protected]

Speak to your local Police Community Beat Manager or Police Community Support Officer on the 101 non-emergency number.

Or contact your Community Councillor.

Alternatively look at our External Links section for more contacts.

But Remember...!

...the New Number!

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