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North Wales Police Open Day 2012

North Wales Police Open Day, 29th September 2012 Once again, North Wales Police opened their door to the public.

At Police Headquarters, Colwyn Bay,. North wales police demonstated some of their skills and services that we benefit from every day

Displays including a dog section and helicopter landing wowed the crowds!

50+ Awards

As part of an event held on 1st October 2012 to celebrate International Day for Older People, we were pleased to receive so many applications for nominations for awards.

There were four awards categories;

  • Skills Sharing – this award was sponsored by Flintshire Older People’s Strategy
  • Neighbourhood Champion – this award was sponsored by Flintshire Older People’s Strategy
  • Older People Community Safety Champion – this award was sponsored by Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association
  • Intergenerational Champion – this award was sponsored by Flintshire Older People’s Strategy

More to follow...

Council Leaders Visit Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch

Local council visits Neighbourhood Watch On Tuesday 14th August, councillors Aaron Shotton and Bernie Attridge called in to the Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association's office at Mold Police station.

This visit enabled the leader of the local council and his deputy to catch up with the work of the association.

The Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association provides services to the Community Safety Partnership, or to the public, like the OWL (Online Watch Link) crime and communication system.

Both leaders learned about new initiatives such as Motor Bike Watch, Cycle Watch and Allotment Watch, three of the latest watch schemes to join the growing number that are already available in Flintshire.

If you are interested in registering for OWL or simply in learning more about it, click on the OWL link at the top of this page to register an enquiry.

Police and Crime Commissioner Explained

Police & Crime Commissioners 2012 A new handbook has been released by the Home Office. Its aim is to help raise awareness and understanding of the job of Police & Crime Commissioners.

Many of us would have heard about this new elected post, but it can still be unclear what the role entails.

Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association is making available a PDF version of the Police and Crime Commissioners handbook
here, so that anyone can have a better idea of what this is all about.

Teenager's Olympics Gold Medal To Inspire Young People

Jade Jones, Olympian Gold Medallist 2012 A Flintshire teenager is the talk of the town and the Olympics world, after winning gold at the London 2012 Olympics Games.

Congratulations go to Jade Jones, 19 years old, "off Flint" (as they say over there), as she became the youngest Team GB member to win a Gold medal in these Games, when she claimed victory in Taekwondo's 57kg category.

Jade's Grandad encouraged her to get into the sport when she was 8, as a means to keep her from just hanging around in the streets.

Gold medallist at just 19 years of age, a Royal Mail stamp with her picture on it, and soon a postbox in her home town painted in gold to celebrate her achievement - what a great example for the Young People of Flintshire.

More on Jade's achievements is available on the BBC website.

Dogwatch Receives Commendation in Excellence Awards

Dogwatch sign The work of Watch schemes members was recognized during Flintshire County Council's Excellence Awards for 2012. This time it was the turn of Dogwatch, one of many community-led initiatives that are being run in the county, to receive the accolade.

Chairman Graham Harper of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association, which facilitates the scheme among many others, declared:

"I am very proud to see that the efforts of members of the community have been rewarded in this manner. Their contribution to the well-being of the public in Flintshire needs to be recognised, and such awards are truly deserved."

He added: "I must also mention the contribution of others who helped us in making Dogwatch possible (see picture ), such as Scott Rowley, Environmental Protection Manager for FCC Public Protection and Hilary McGuill (previously County Chairman)."

All Wales Doorstep Crime (Cold Callers) Campaign

Illegal Drivers - You Are Being TargetedDo you know an illegal driver?

Are you aware of anybody who is driving illegally? If so North Wales Police would like to hear from you.

North Wales Police are continuing with their Illegal Driver Campaign – an initiative aimed at targeting those who drive whilst disqualified, drive with no insurance or drive with no valid driving licence.

Deputy Chief Constable Ian Shannon said: "We are urging anybody who may be aware of illegal drivers using the roads to contact the police immediately. Anybody found to be driving illegally can face being arrested. We will use all available powers to seize illegal vehicles and remove them from the roads. By doing this, we are helping safeguard the lives of others.
It can be devastating if you are involved in a collision with an illegal driver. We want to put a stop to this and get the message across that we are targeting those who are driving illegally.

“The public can be reassured that we will not tolerate crime on our roads. If you suspect an illegal driver please contact us."

  • Driving without insurance: 6-8 points and up to £5,000 fine (£200 for fixed penalty ticket)
  • Driving whilst disqualified: 6 points, up to £5,000 fine and you could face a minimum 6 month prison sentence
  • Driving other than in accordance with your driving licence: 3 to 6 points and £1,000 fine
  • Failing to identify the driver of the vehicle: 3 points

North Wales Police are asking for the public’s assistance in their efforts to make the roads safer for all.
Click here for up to date news on the Illegal Driver Campaign.

If anybody has information about illegal drivers they should contact the police on 101, the Force’s non-emergency line, or Crimestoppers Wales anonymously on 0800 555 111.

All Wales Doorstep Crime (Cold Callers) Campaign

An awareness campaign to help reduce doorstep crime has been launched across Wales, in conjunction with all Welsh Police Forces, Local Authorities, Trading Standards and support groups such as Age Cymru.

View the All Wales Doorstep Crime (Cold Callers) Campaign postersThe fully-bilingual campaign offers advice in the form of three clear steps, which have been developed to help decrease the number of rogue trader and distraction burglary victims across Wales, and to increase the reporting of suspicious doorstep incidents.

The three-step message to the public is the following:

  • If in doubt, keep them out!
  • Be prepared, be in control
  • Call a neighbour or the police

The main target audience for the campaign are people over 65-years-old, as records show they are the most vulnerable. Their middle-aged children, who are arguably in the best position to empower and influence their parents, are also targeted by the campaign.

In line with a cold-caller theme, an animated ‘ice-man’character features most prominently throughout all the elements of the campaign, including a TV ad which is now live; a direct mail campaign targeting people living in Wales aged over 80-years-old; radio ads, bus panel and press advertising.

At the centre of the campaign – which has been funded by the Welsh Assembly Government, is a dedicated website, which offers advice about how to deal with unannounced doorstep callers. Click on the link to visit it.

School Watch - Help Your Local School

The ‘School Watch’ campaign is aimed at keeping buildings safe and secure and to combat burglary and vandalism on school premises. It urges pupils, parents and local residents to look out for and report any suspicious activity around school grounds, particularly during the evenings, weekends and holidays, when schools are often the scene of vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

School Watch - Help Your Local School
The partnership, between North Wales Police, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, local authorities and Community Safety Partnerships is also aimed at keeping schools safe from arson and criminal damage.
Although it is an all year round scheme the emphasis is on the school summer holidays where schools are closed for a number of weeks.

The objective of ‘School Watch’ is to appeal to local communities to help stop schools become a target for graffiti and vandalism. The public are being asked to contact police if they see anyone acting suspiciously on school property outside normal school hours and particularly during school holidays.

‘School Watch’ posters and leaflets have been distributed across North Wales, reminding people of the scheme and the posters are available to download here in PDF format.

Firefighters returning from call outs will also keep an eye on school buildings whilst on their way back to their respective stations as will the North Wales Police helicopter.

Anyone who witnesses suspicious behaviour in or around schools or at school buildings is urged to contact North Wales Police on 101 (if in Wales) 0845 607 1001 (Welsh line) 0845 607 1002 (English line) or Crimestoppers Wales anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Think Before You Drink - Summer Campaign Across Wales

Think before you drink – that is the message being driven by all four Welsh police forces ahead of this year’s Summer Anti Drink / Drug Driving Campaign across Wales.

The campaign, launched in North Wales, aims to crack down on drivers who risk lives by drinking and driving or driving under the influence of drugs.

You can read the complete article on the North-Wales Police website here (opens in a new window).

This video shows Assistant Chief Constable Gareth Pritchard or North-Wales Police at the launch in Caernarfon on the 1st June this year.

The Y-kops Unit Gets a Revamp!

Unit gets a revamp The Y-Factor Logo-kops vehicle has had a major revamp after the natural elements gave it a bit of a rough ride.

FNWA's T-Model Ford replica of the 1920's needed sprucing up, and Peter Wood, Fleet volunteer since retiring from North-Wales Police, stepped up to the challenge, and thanks to his efforts and his powers of persuasion, managed to secure support from Checkpoint in Mold and Buckley Paints.

The goal was to complete much needed "cosmetic" repairs that would enable the unit to be used once more in conjunction with the Y-Factor Logo-kops program.

Its next exposure to the outside world will take place during a visit to FNWA's premises in connection with the Older People's Strategy, while it will be used again in September of 2012 for the the Chief Constable’s Roadshow.

Doorstep Crime Campaign Continues

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is launching a new campaign for 2012-2013 about Doorstep selling that will be delivered in two phases, first from 19th July 2012, and later in the Autumn.

Office of Fair Trading - OFT
Doorstep selling is when someone sells you goods or services in your home or on your doorstep. It can be a convenient way to buy - but there is a risk you may be pressured into buying something you do not want or that is not good value for money.

The July phase provides consumers with practical tips (here) and informs them of their rights (here). Some examples:

  • Think twice before you buy and if you are made to feel under pressure to make a purchase, have the confidence to say no.
  • Be wary of time-limited or exclusive offers that need to be signed on the spot - this can be a high pressure sales tactic.
  • Double check the facts. Do you fully understand the costs and know whether it includes extras like installation, on-going serving charges or warranties?
  • Always shop around to compare products and prices, and more...

Building on this, there will be a broader campaign in the Autumn of 2012 focusing on Doorstep selling and Scams.

Office of Fair Trading - OFT Campaigns of this type aim to empower people to make effective purchasing decisions when buying on their doorstep and reduce their vulnerability to rogue traders and to encourage consumers to exercise caution and seek reassurance before agreeing to buy products on the doorstep.

Visit the OFT's website and view details of these Doorstep selling campaigns here.

The Y-Kops Team in Ysgol Glan Aber, Bagillt

All generations join together for Y-Kops The Y-Kops team was out again to deliver Module 2 of their ACE Detective program.

This time, it was the turn of Ysgol Glan Aber (click the picture on the right) in Bagillt to welcome the team.

Just as in Ysgol Maes Glas, Greenfield, which the team visited earlier in the month go to our previous article, the aim was to give the young people knowledge of Doorstep Crime and Bogus Calling and show them how they can help the older generations in keeping safe and secure.

Read our Press release for more details on that particular day.

Learn to Be Safe in Danger Detective Quest This Summer

Danger Detective Quest - Know the Dangers, Avoid their consequences! DangerPoint is an independent charity for educating people about how to avoid risks, accidents and injuries and to help them stay safe.

DangerPoint exists with the clear objective of equipping children, young people and other vulnerable people with the life skills, behaviours and knowledge to stay safe, avoid un-necessary risks and enjoy healthy lives.

DangerPoint will be open for the summer holidays again this year.
Please see the attached poster with full details.

At £4.00 per person it’s great value and an ideal trip for families as well as organised groups, especially in the wet weather!!

If you would like further information please get in touch and get on a Danger Detective Quest!

The Y-Kops Team Visits Ysgol Maes Glas, Greenfield

CLick to see larger image The Y-Kops team visited Ysgol Maes Glas on 13th June 2012 to deliver Module 2 of their ACE Detective program.

The team's aim was to give the young people knowledge of Doorstep Crime and Bogus Calling, so that they could pass that knowledge on to older generations.

Find out more about the aims of the Y-Kops project and read about the story so far in this document.

Helmet Watch Wales Winner 2011

Nathan WardAnother Helmet Watch event took place at Ysgol Llanddulas on the 15th of June.

This time it was the turn of Wales to be in the limelight. The Right Honourable Lord Barry Jones PC, President of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association, was again present to give out this All Wales award to Nathan Ward, the 2011 winner.

Click here for our photo gallery of the event.

Get Hooked on Fishing Wales Trustee Visits FNWA

Nica Pritchard MBE
Click here for a
larger photo

Get Hooked on Fishing Wales Trustee Nica Prichard MBE (pictured right) visited the North East Wales Get Hooked on Fishing project on Friday 8th June 2012 as part of the National Fishing Month.

The project is run by Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association as part of their award-winning youth program

Nica has fished since the age of three and represented Wales for Fly Fishing for 18 years, sits on the Management Council of the Salmon and Trout Association London and Chair’s Environment Agency's fisheries Committee for West Wales.

Alongside sitting on the board of many other angling organisations, Nica founded and is secretary of the WLAD Welsh Ladies Angling Development.

Nica hopes to help Get Hooked on Fishing by supporting all projects and has a special interest in Get Hooked on Fishing Wales. During the visit Nica was able to see some of the success achieved since its launch in Flintshire in 2010.

Helmet Watch National Winner 2011

Brougann PriceThe Helmet Watch competition 2011 award ceremony took place in Ysgol Bryn Deva in Connah's Quay on the 1st June 2012, where the Right Honourable Lord Barry Jones PC, President of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association, presented the national winner certificate to Brougann Price, a pupil at the school.

Click here to see our gallery of photos of the event.

Join OWL's Watch Schemes Online!

Sign Up to OWL Online!

Form a watch scheme, or simply get alert messages on your mobile when you sign up to the Community Messaging system.

FNWA is going green!!

You can now join OWL directly from our website! No more printing a form or going to the postbox to send it to us:

Remember: you don't have to be a member of a watch to receive alerts.

If you just want to sign up, fill in the online form. It is simple to fill in: just enter a few details and you are on your way to joining OWL.

Not too sure how it all works? Then visit our Watch Schemes page to help you decide which watch is more suited to your circumstances.

Bicycle Watch - Protect Your Cycle

A scheme aimed at helping to reduce the number of bicycle thefts across North Wales was launched on the 30th April 2012.

"BikeRegister", the UK's leading online identification and registration initiative, is partnering North Wales Police and local Community Safety Partnerships to tackle bike theft by participating in Bicycle Watch.

This scheme comes at an appropriate time as there has been an increase in bicyle thefts throughout North Wales over the last few months.

Learn more about the scheme, simple ways that will protect your bicycle, links and more, in this leaflet, available in Welsh and English.

The Y-Kops Team Delivers in Ysgol Maes Glas, Greenfield

PC Hug celebrates with the pupils of Ysgol Maes Glas on their ACE Detective award Pupils at a Flintshire school were awarded with their ACE Detective Module 1 certificate when PC Hug and the Y-Kops team came to visit.

Y-KOPS is an intergenerational project that educates young people in the area of Doorstop Crime and Bogus Callers in a fun and interactive way.

Y-KOPS at Ysgol Maes Glas was funded by the Welsh Government's Community Cohesion fund and FNWA have worked in partnership with Communities First Holywell, Flintshire Trading Standards, North Wales Police and the Community Safety Partnership in its delivery.

In total, 42 children took part in the programme. More on the project...

PC Hug Goes To The Bank

PC Hug and NatWest bank team, 7th March 2012On Thursday 7th March 2012, for one day only, customers at the Mold branch of the NatWest bank on High Street were treated to a different kind of service from what they are used to.

Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association's PC Hug was at hand to greet them inside the premises (see photo), where the rest of the team helped the staff at the bank in promoting Customers Safety Day.

They set up shop within the premises and offered customers information and safety products relating to Target Hardening.
This term refers to the strengthening of the security of buildings in order to reduce or minimise the risk of attack or theft: the harder a building is to break into, the safer the target is, detering would-be burglars from even attempting anything.

There was also other products available at this event, including personal security items, such as purse bells.

Many other security products can be purchased from Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association. See our catalogue here.

PC Hug and Friends Join in at the Mold Deaf Forum

This Wednesday 7th March 2012 saw PC Hug and members of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association visit the Mold Deaf Forum.

Our lovable bear, along with Ella Ellis, 50+ Development Worker, and placement student George Davies visited the forum to present its members with an overview of watch schemes, as well as the OWL crime and communication system (see photo).

The aim of this visit was to give members of the forum an understanding about what these schemes do, as well an opportunity for them to ask any questions they may have had.

The presentation prompted much interest from the group on how Neighbourhood Watch works within our communities.

OWL Featured On BBC 1's "Doorstep Crime 999"

OWL Communication System OWL is featured in an episode on the BBC1 programme "Doorstep Crime 999", with a video available here, showing a real example of the efficient use of this communication system. OWL prevented a lady from becoming a victim of a distraction burglary.

OWL currently operates in Hertfordshire, Staffordshire, Gwent, North Wales and Carmarthenshire.

Dealing With Unwanted Cold Callers

Doorstep Crime IcemanCold Calling is for most of us a real nuisance. Whether it be at the door or on the phone, we could all do without it.

But Cold Calling can sometimes take on a more sinister turn. So it is better to be aware of this type of crime, and Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association is helping in passing the message on to the public.

So read online or download this guide from the Doorstepcallers website to find out how you can deal with unwanted cold callers.

This booklet is also available on the Welsh version of the website here.

Catalogue For 2012

Our catalogue for 2012 is out!

FNWA's PC HugIt still retains its familiar layout, but we've given it just the right amount of tweaking to make it easier to navigate, with a new content page to find out where everything is.

Add to that some new products - look out for our character PC Hug to find out which ones they are, and you have a great source for all your security needs. Discover it here.

Are You Planning A Control Burn?

FireDon't become a fire hazard!
Be safe and safe to others.

If you are planning a controlled burn, you must contact Fire and Rescue Service Control on 01745 535805.

Resources have been stretched to breaking point in previous years due to deliberate grass fires.

North Wales Police Launch 'Caught on Camera'

Caught on CameraAs part of its commitment to bringing offenders to justice, North Wales Police have launched ‘Caught on Camera’, which is an initiative to assist in identifying offenders.

This is your chance to help officers with their enquiries by identifying images caught on CCTV cameras throughout North Wales.

Visit the North Wales Police website and choose 'Caught on Camera' on the right-hand side menu for more.

More details are available in our OWL alert.

-KOPS Is Award Winner

Fnwa's Award-Winning Team-KOPS (Youth Keeping Older People Safe) was a winner of the ‘Best Youth Group’ at the Customer Involvement Awards 2011.


Eat Well, Keep Well

Keep your biological Central Heating ticking nicely this winter; get some tips on stocking up your store cupboard for winter with this short guide from the Food Standard Agency.

Free Driving Assessment For Over 60's

Visit our 50+ in Flintshire page to find out what it's all about.

Concessionary Rail Scheme Set To Continue

The Welsh Government Minister with responsibility for Transport confirmed this month that the popular concessionary rail fares scheme is to continue on four rural routes across Wales for a two year period until 30 September 2013.

For more information on this scheme, which includes amongst others Conwy, Gwynedd, Flintshire and Wrexham, visit the Welsh Government's website here.

Doorstep Selling - Know What To Do

DoorknockerThe Doorstep Selling 2011-12 campaign launched on 20 July 2011, aiming to empower elderly consumers to make effective purchasing decisions when buying on their doorstep and reduce their vulnerability to rogue traders.

Find out more about Doorstep Selling with several publications, in both English and Welsh, available on the Office of Fair Trading's website and here:

This leaflet includes advice on what to look out for and suggestions on ways to deal with Doorstep Selling.
More detail is available in this booklet, which is aimed at a wider audience.
Use this Door Hanger as a tips reminder before you answer the door; also available in Welsh.

More information on this issue and many others is available on the Office of Fair Trading's website.

OWL Survey - A Snapshot Of Public Opinion

A public survey for Flintshire and Wrexham was held earlier this year on the OWL (Online Watch Link) system of communication, in which members of the public who have signed up can receive information on local crime in their area.

Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch is presenting a snapshot of the results here. Find out what people think of OWL and the impact on their lives.

If you are unsure of what OWL is, or how it can be of use to you, your family, friends or neighbours, why not visit our OWL page here.
We are facilitating the OWL system in Flintshire and Wrexham, and are trying to make signing up an easy and painless process, with clear facts on what the system can bring to people and communities.

Get Hooked on Fishing Wales' Delight At 's Support

On Thursday the 15th of September 2011, the Get Hooked on Fishing Wales initiative, implemented by the Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association in Flintshire and Wrexham, received a £100 cheque from energy provider .

Find out more about the Get Hooked on Fishing Wales initiative on our project's page

OWL Survey Shows Communities Do Give A Hoot

OWL Communication SystemA survey including thousands of Watch members from Flintshire and Wrexham was conducted in July of this year, showing the impact that the OWL (Online Watchlink) system has had on their lives, attitudes and relations to crime.

Find out more in this joint press release from FNWA and Direct Path Solutions, the company behind OWL.

Young People's Drug & Alcohol Team's Newsletter

 Flintshire's Young Persons Drug and Alcohol TeamThe Young Persons Drug and Alcohol Team support young people who experience problems with drugs and alcohol.

The Team is a local project based in Buckley, but their drug and alcohol education takes place in schools, youth clubs, pubs, clubs and out on the streets.

Find out more about the team and their various projects in their second newsletter and visit their website here.

FNWA And The Big Society

They Work for You logo

Our President, the Right Honourable Lord Barry Jones, highlighted the role of volunteers in a House of Lords debate about the "Big Society" on the 11th May of this year.

He paid tribute to "this army of voluntarism" that "keeps our complicated civic society show on the road", including Neighbourhood Watch.

Read the rest of his contribution here, as well as the complete debate here.

And if you want to know more about what's being said around the corridors of powers, find out more about how others see the "Big Society", follow debates online, on subjects that concern all of us, or simply learn more about your MP, visit

Protect Your Oil Tank
Oil tank

Following a small number of oil thefts targeted both at residents and businesses, North-Wales Police are offering information and advice to help you in preventing such crimes.

North-Wales Police have produced a leaflet available here with contains tips, as well as contact details.

Doorstep Crime - Meter Credit A Scam
Top Up Safe logo

Top-Up Safe is a national campaign launched in response to a doorstep crime that involves criminals offering pre-payment energy top-ups at cheaper rates.

Find out more in our Safety and Re-Assurance section or visit the campaign's website here for more information.

DangerPoint is an award winning centre that educates children and young people in safety awareness

The Children & Young People's Plan 2011-2014

Have your say on this initiative by giving your views, and help shape the future for the Youth of Flintshire.
Find out more details in our Y-Factor Logo-Factor and Young People section.

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